About Us

Marv Kramer our co-founder and Director had his first political experience as the behind-the-scenes strategist for breaking college football's color barrier in the Deep South at the 1961 Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. After both heading the White Collar Crime Division as a state prosecutor in Jacksonville and the Task Force on Illegal Political Contributions as a federal prosecutor in Dallas in the 60's, he would later in the 1970's gain additional experience and political knowledge as General Counsel for the holding company of the ultra conservative, Gordon Mclendon, the well-known sportscaster made famous by re-creating major league baseball games for his Liberty Broadcasting System and who had previously ran unsuccesfully for Governor of Texas. During the 70's he also served as Tax Counsel for the Western Company of North America the oil service company headed by Eddie Childs.  Childs was the owner of the Texas Rangers Major League baseball team which was later sold to his long time family friend George W. Bush, our 43rd President....

For almost two decades, after leaving the Western Company,  he was a trial attorney in private practice. During that time he was the attorney of record at both the trial and appeal in the landmark case of Pesch v. The State of Texas, which was the first case tried under the new insanity plea guidelines. The principal argument made on appeal was later responsible for influencing the change in Texas law which now requires defendants who were found not guilty by reason of insanity to be incarcerated in a mental health facility after trial.

During this same period of time, he was creating and positioning effective communication platforms such as A.I.R. for Fairness, B.A.A.D., and A.L.A.R.M. in the long struggle for the peaceful settlement of the one-man, one vote, voting rights struggle, in Dallas during the 80's. All of these platforms successfully completed their strategic/tactical missions through non-violent engagement. 

Since 1991, our Director has resided in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida; co-authored Democracide: The Far Right's Path to Power and has continued his pro-democracy political activities.

He has a B.S.in Economics from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he studied law at the University of Florida Law School where he was an Associate Editor of the University of Florida Law Review and after transferring he received his law degree from the Tulane University Law School. Our Director served in the U.S. Army Reserve as an officer in both the Field Artillery and JAG.